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Are you new to online betting completely? This guidebook should serve as an introduction to how to get yourself up and ready to go online, or to assist in making the transition from live bookmakers to online services.

Football Betting Overview

 First thing’s first- you’ll need to acquire an account with at least one bookmaker, though many people carry accounts with a few to have a variety of odds available to them and ensure they get the best ones. The process itself is quite simple. You’re expected to give some information about yourself that will allow your secure account to be opened and later, accessible only to you. Facts such as name, contact information and financial details will be asked of you, as well as establishing a protected username and password.

 Once your account has been established, you’ll need to make a deposit. This deposit is a transfer of funds from a financial- be it a bank or credit card- and allows those monies to be used on bets. Most sites offer this service through the “Banking” section. If you’re looking to make a large deposit, typically, wire transfers are the method of choice.

This same Banking section is where you’ll be able to initiate withdrawals of your winnings, moving the money back into your liquid account. Methods for withdrawals include: cheques, wire transfers, and eWallet services. Make sure as you sign up for a website that their banking system meets your needs; you don’t want to get stuck working with a business that doesn’t work the way you’d like them to. Make sure you read the retails with the site before you start your account.

How to Place Your Bet

 The next step is just to place your bets! For an introduction to Sports betting online, and the different bets that are usually available, check out our article. Different sports betting sites will offer to you different odds and sometimes different betting options depending on the event. You’ll notice as you’re exploring the sites most have a tree-style menu of all the different events: the choices will be divided into different leagues and/or games, and then once again into sub-leagues or groups.

Once you choose your league or sport, you’ll be able to choose from the different events pertinent to that sport, most often given in chronological order for future dates. Once the event is chosen, you’ll be given a menu as to the different kinds of bets that can be placed, and the odds that are associated. You’ll choose any specifics, such as the individual horse/player/etc and any additional option, like Asian Handicap, and select the amount of money you want to stake.

Again, check into all the details before you go in to bet, it’s better to be comfortable with the forms and process before you are in a time crunch before the starting lineup.

Betting Security

 Finally, once you’ve explored and bet, and hopefully won a significant amount of money, you’ll want to withdrawal some of your shiny new funds and spend them. We’ve touched on withdrawal methods already, but would like to add that more responsible punters will keep tracks of their winning bets, and the subsequent profits they should earn from the odds they staked on. By keeping track of how much you should win, you can secure yourself against the possibility of a site misrepresenting your profits. Each win will be credited to your online account with the sportsbook, and you should be able to access at your convenience the funds via a withdrawal.

How to Place Your Bet

 Just select the withdrawal method you prefer and complete the instructions provided for how to retrieve your monies. Typically, if you used a credit card to place your bet, you’ll see two transactions come back for the winning amount- one returning to you your initial stake, and the other with the profit.

For instance, if you wager £100 on an event, and win £150 on the bet, you’ll probably see the credit back on your card in the amount of your original bet £100, and your bookie’s financials will issue the profit, £50, in another fashion. Know that before you make your first withdrawal, you may be asked for additional information for security purposes. Some companies, in order to prevent identity thefts, will go so far as to ask you to email/fax/mail proof of identity, so be prepared. Gratefully, this will only be asked of your once, and future transactions will be simpler. And that’s it! The world of betting online introduced! Enjoy the remainder of the site, and have fun!

Football for Profit – Betting Online
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