McCarthy calls on Irish players to learn from premier stars


Mick McCarthy will not apologize for the aggressive style that Ireland is going to apply tonight in the European Championship qualifier with Switzerland.

The Irish manager has argued that if it’s good enough for Manchester City and Liverpool, it’ll be good enough for him.

He has promised that his team will try to push up and make life difficult for visitors.

And while Ireland’s playing style is rarely praised by the purists, McCarthy has argued that his team will try to replicate the top teams in England with a high-tempo approach.

“That’s part of the game,” McCarthy said. “The most aggressive teams in the Premier League are Manchester City and Liverpool, in terms of the high press.

“You try to get through this, and they’ll bring you down, that’s aggressive.

“By the way, I’ve been watching Switzerland and there’s no lack of aggression on them, how they work, how they’re pressing, in the end I’m not really worried, if we win 1-0 and it’s ugly and not pleasant I’m fine with that.

There will be no changes

“We will not change the way we play, we will play our usual brand, though some will find it unpleasant,” he added, referring to Swiss comments in the preliminary round.

McCarthy recognizes that hosts must be sharper if they win the ball higher on the pitch.

He is confident Callum Robinson will be fit for a minor illness after yesterday’s workout.

“We have a strong approach to the game,” said the 60-year-old. “We know what we are about and what we have to do, we have a regular style of play and a solid squad.”

McCarthy calls on Irish players to learn from premier stars
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