Sports Betting – Rugby


Rugby Overview

Rugby is an amazing sport that requires an incredible amount of stamina and energy to play. Most Americans who may have never seen or heard of Rugby, upon seeing it for the first time think it is American football with a European twist. It is actually a very different game with very different rules.

The one thing that is pretty similar between these two games is the types of wagers you would make on said games. In rugby you can make correct score bets, half time bets, half time result bets, half time and full time bets (otherwise known as a double result bet), or a total goals bet (which is also known as an over under bet or an under over bet).

Making a correct score bet is the riskiest wager because it is guessing what the exact score at the end of the game will be. Of course these bets only pay off when you have guessed the exact ending scores of the game, but if you do guess the right score you can be assured that the odds in making this kind of a bet are significant. A simple rule in wagering is if the risk is higher so is the pay off. Especially in this kind of bet because it is so difficult to predict the exact scores.

When making a half time bet in rugby, you are actually betting on the outcome of the second half of the game only. After the first half of a game, bookmakers will re-open the lines for wagers. There is a small window of opportunity to make this bet because there is also a limited amount of time for punters to get in on the action before the second half starts.

The half time result bet is a wager based on what the score will be after the first half of the game is over, not when the entire game is finished. Sometimes the half time result bet is called the win bet or the full time result bet.

What is Double Bet?

The double bet is a wager placed on which team will be leading during half time, and again once the game is over. The half time portion of the bet could be wagered as a tie, if you so feel that would be the case. There are a possible three outcomes at half time and another three outcomes at the end of a game, resulting in this bet having a total number of nine outcomes. Nine outcomes for what could possibly be the easiest bet to make. Another important wager to make is the total goals bet.

This bet has you picking how many goals both teams will make during the entire game. You do not bet for one team over another, rather you bet how many goals both teams will make cumulatively. However it is not an exact number, you will make a stake for an over bet and an under bet. The sportsbook will have a number of goals listed, which will include a half point so it will be impossible to land right on the line.


So if you bet that there will be two and a half goals, an under bet will win if two or fewer goals are scored and an over bet will win if three or more are scored. The closer you are to the actual total goals, the more you win. That is why this wager is sometimes called the over under bet or under over bet.

Sports Betting – Rugby
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